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Mark's Resume

Materials Management Inventory
Materials Management Purchasing
Production Planning - (nearly all aspects except for variant configuration)
Custom movement types
Cycle Counts
Split valuation
SAP Handling Units
Precious Metal Pricing
External Service Management
Purchase Requisitions (with line item approval with SAP workflow)
Purchase Orders (with header level approval with SAP workflow)
Subcontracting (with outbound deliveries)
Vendor Returns (with outbound deliveries and automatic debit memos)
Contracts, Quota Arrangements, and automatic source lists
Schedule Agreements (with releases faxed and sent EDI)
ASN - Inbound deliveries (loaded using EDI)
Consignment purchasing (including settlement)
Logistics Invoice Verification (including ERS - Evaluated Receipt Settlement)
Standard SOP
Demand Mangement - (Planning with assembly; make to order; planning material; etc.)
Production Order Types - (including ALL integration points)
Repetitive Manufacturing
Production Control - (including time event confirmations)
Capacity Evaluation
Product Costing - (standard cost estimates with quantity structure including overhead cost sheets)
Delivery Notes
Engineering Change
Classes & Characteristics
Document Management (including using data carrier to print AutoCAD directly from Material Master, linking to view 3D model within SAP, setting up an SAP Data Vault, and document distribution with SAP workflow)
LSM (Legacy System Migration) - Great tool to load legacy data into SAP
LIS (Logistics Information System)
Archiving and deleting data
CATT (Computer Aided Test Tool)